Fähri-Verein Basel

Become a part of Basel too...

On paper we are three teams (association, foundation, leaseholder), but in reality one big family with an immeasurable passion or rather a common project of the heart: the preservation of our beloved Basel ferries.

The tasks of the association (recruiting members to ensure the maintenance of the non-subsidized ferries) and the foundation (ensuring the operation, coordination of the maintenance, etc.), are managed with a lot of heart and soul and in voluntary work by dedicated board members.

The lessees, who manage their respective ferries as independent entrepreneurs, together with their teams are the official face of the Basel ferries.


Would you also like to be an active part of our city? Then become a MEMBER of the Fähri-Verein Basel now. It is only thanks to the annual contributions of our members that the running costs of the ferries can be borne and the historic vehicles, which have become an integral part of the cityscape of the city on the Rhine bend, can be preserved for many generations to come.


Please select and click the desired membership (calendar year).

Private individuals
  • CHF 30.-
  • lifetime membership CHF 900.-
  • CHF 60.-
  • CHF 75.- (Child/ren younger than 18 years)
Single-parent family
  • CHF 45.- (Child/ren younger than 18 years)
Associations / Companies
  • Association CHF 100.-
  • Company CHF 200.-